Presents for my table

I love birthdays! This year I had a lovely one, and one of my presents from a cousin was a rather nice voucher for Zara Home (yay) which I’m planning to spend on a runner and place mats for my diddy little dining table. At the moment, it looks like this… 

But sadly I only have two runners at the minute – the purple one as laid above, and a lime green one that matches the embroidered rug underneath. So I’m thinking I’m going to use my Zara vouchers to dress the table up. I like this very pretty classic lace one (£39) which sighs elegance:
And if my table was round, I’d be tempted by this Egyptian-print one:

But my favourite at the moment is this Cabana print one (£25)
and if I chip in a little bit more on top of the vouchers I might be able to get these place mats too 
or these ones!
Right, my appetite is now whet, so I’m off shopping for my table! Happy bank holiday x
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2 Responses to "Presents for my table"

  1. I have a confession – I’d never even thought/heard of a table runner until a few weeks ago. My friend was off to buy one for her new flat and I had no idea what she was on about. How did I get so behind the times? Tell me it’s a new thing? (I’m going to pretend it is even if it’s not!) Hope you had a good time shopping :)

  2. Huma says:

    I don’t think it’s like a new invention or anything, but I can pretend like a runner is just a 2009 fad if you wish! They are perfect for when you don’t want to cover the whole table – my mum has a beautiful big oak dining table and when we’re not eating on it, it’s a shame to cover it, so she uses a runner and that way there’s decoration on it but no wood-hiding :) xx

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