Shakin’ things up at My Little Place

It’s been 11 months since I moved in to My Little Place, and while I love it, I’m in the mood to jazz things up a little. I don’t want to spend loads of money on big things; rather, I just want to add more accessories, and more colour against my white walls. 

There are things I ended up buying last year and now feel disappointed with (the curtains: They are cream with flecks of fine orange, lime and pink threads running through the silk; I thought the colours would stand out. I had them stitched up. I put them up… and they just look washed out.  I spent a small fortune on them, and now…! ). There are gaps I want to fill: the space on top of my “cube” shelves, the gaping blank wall above the television; is it time to branch out of my tea-towel framed art attempt (the framed Emma Bridgewater in the kitchen) and get a proper print now? 
So here are my thoughts on things I’m going to add over the course of the summer. I’d love to know what you think too!
It is maybe not the best photo, but see my bright rug? Well, the thing I love about it most is the colour – the pinks, the golden yellows, the turquoisey blue. I’ve gone off my purple cushions on the Habitat sofa (which is an inky blue); they are too dark. So instead, I’m thinking of picking out the yellow from the rug (since I’m in a yellow phase) and maybe the blue, and getting cushions in those sort of brights as a bold contrast. I really love these chirpy ones from Mozi
Do you think that would work? I’m also partial to this By Guru cushion cover (from What A Girl Needs).Although I don’t think it will fit in anywhere in the lounge – though I can see it dressing the bedroom, where I have a set of bright linen with green flecked through it 
So I thought I could break up the pink with this cushion (on the days that these sheets happen to be out!) 

I’m dying to fill the top of my cube shelves. I’d love to have the bright coloured alphabet letters (from Pedlars, in the first pic) spelling out something cute, or maybe have an initial “H”. I’ve also got a stash of my favourite pics from my childhood which I reprinted in black and white, and pretty cards which mean something special to me. I’m on the hunt for vintage frames form junk and antique shops and plan to eventually build up a little collection there. 
And now for my walls:
This (from the Keep Calm Gallery) is so cute for my kitchen…and I’ve wanted it for ages (who would not smile when they see it?) 
… and if I take out my Paris tea-towel from the frame above the bed, I’m partial to this from Bold and Noble which I’ve had my eye on for some time…
I’ve calculated I could get all of the accessories above – three cushions, two prints, for just over £100. Which I don’t think is too, too bad considering I’ll be getting five things…
It’s quite a shopping list.  Thoughts people?
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7 Responses to "Shakin’ things up at My Little Place"

  1. anna says:

    Love the Keep Calm Gallery. My walls would be covered with their prints. You can't go wrong!

  2. Eden Rose says:

    Love the prints and the colours in your rug are fabulous. If i was you, i would buy plain cheap cushions in different colours and then buy some off cuts of really beautiful silks (john lewis, designers guild etc)to trim them, sew on the fabric in a stripe or add a random frill, corsage etc. I do it all the time it's cheap cheap cheap and looks brill.

  3. rightbank says:

    Oh, I love your rug! I think lighter cushions would be great on the sofa – the turquoise one for sure and maybe a yellow that is closer to the shade in the rug? And the Harmony pillow definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

  4. Those cushions will look great on the sofa,they'll really tie whole look together. Love that rug, I've been wanting to get it in a shoot for ages

  5. yep, some good picks there! I am totally into yellow at the moment too, so thumbs up there!
    I am also obsessed with buying art for my walls at the moment, not sure if I'll even have even space! :)

  6. Huma says:

    Thanks for all the lovely suggestions. Right bank, yes, I'm trying to find a yellow that's closer to the rug shade – it's kind of like a goldeny mustard as to a bright bright one. But I like the bright bright one more.
    I've just ordered the “coffee” print so should be with me, framed and on the kitchen wall by the weekend. I definitely need to do some nicer pics and will post up once my new additions have arrived!

  7. Loving the Bold & Noble print for obvious reasons!! If you don't buy it I will….maybe we can have matching walls?! x

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