I might be too old for dolls houses…

But I’m definitely not too old to marvel at them in all their dinkiness.
When I was little I had a gorgeous diddy dolls house. Loved the mini-cutlery, the way the front opened up, the mini-people, mini-beds and I do believe I made my own mini-duvet covers once upon a time too. Funnily, my mother now calls my apartment “the dolls house” because it’s quite diddy too – so most furniture pieces are ever-so slightly scaled down to fit… (you don’t want to know how long it took me to find a dish rack to fit the teeny-tiny draining board…)
Anyway, I’m enthralled by this dolls house designed by Deborah Bowness (the lady behind theblack dress wallpaper) for Caravan in time for London Design Week. The interiors have all been styled in the quirky-Caravan-way. You can’t see much of it in the photo, but you can see the mini-mood lighting. And if there’s a mini Caravan rose-shaped-tea-strainer in there, I’m all over it. 
This post reminds me that ages ago I found an amazing blog post on a mini Charlie & Lola dolls house here. Again, I know this clearly isn’t my age group (ahem), but it is super cute… Since seeing a picture of Lauren Child‘s (C&L’s amazing creator) home, I’m hooked on her style too – fab use of colour against glossy white. 
I’ve got a busy week ahead, as I’m planning a trip down to 100% Design tomorrow (hopefully) so check back here to see what I’ve found. And in the meantime, check out the retro milk wall-stickers in the Charlie & Lola dolls house kitchen!

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4 Responses to "I might be too old for dolls houses…"

  1. Grace says:

    You are NEVER too old for dolls houses! I love them and have one that I keep as a light sculpture in our living room. It is a tutor three roofed house and I have lugged it with me where ever I went…even when I was living in the back of a van for a while…it has been my little comfort home…

  2. Hmmm.. I have an almost one year old boy. I'm wondering if he's too young/boyish (his favourite toy is a hammer) to build a beautiful doll's house like this one with me. I love the dinkiness and was obsessed with the one my granddad made for me when I was little – it had working lights in each room and was decorated with left-over wallpaper and carpet from my mum and dad's house.

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  4. Frances James says:

    I wonder if you can help me. I have seen a picture of your dollshouse and I have one exactly the same but I know nothing about it . Do you know the year it was made or anything else about it please. Thanks Fran

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