My Favourite Place… with the Keep Calm Gallery

It’s no secret that I’m a huge, huge fan of the Keep Calm Gallery and its quirky fun graphics and letterpress prints (the prints in my kitchen and bathroom are both from there), so when owners, founders and couple Lucas Lepola and Hayley Thwaites agreed to give me a sneak into their front room for My Favourite Place, I couldn’t wait to see what pics they’d send in.

The couple live in and work from this small Victorian terrace in East Dulwich, London, which they share with their cats Maisy and Alfie. And true to form, their Favourite Place, the lounge, is undeniably cool. There’s nothing not to love about their Victorian terrace living space – from the initials, the artwork (check the Tutti Frutti print by the fireplace and Carpe Diem on the shelves, among others) and the retro furniture. Find out more below:

Lucas and Hayley say:

“Working from home means that most of our living space is used up for work-related things, but we try and get away from that in the living room – although sometimes we take photos for the website in here because there’s usually really good light. But it’s the only real spot in the house where we can really relax. Since we’re renting this house, we can’t make real changes to things like the paintwork, but the scheme is simple which means we can bring lots of colour in with our belongings which we’ve collected and scattered all over the place. It’s been a blank canvas to us, but this house is the first time we’ve really felt at home in a place together and this room sums that feeling up.”

Style steal: copy the Keep Calm Gallery’s retro look

I really like the way modern prints have been placed in vintage frames, and the way that aged little accessories sit side by side next to contemporary pieces, like the pair of worn bird models placed next to a modern twisty vase on the sideboard… create a mish-mash of age styles with some of the selection below:
Initials, Pedlars, £7.95
Bird vases, Graham and Green, £18.95
Russian dolls, Cox & Cox, £22
Antique gold frame, Heals, £15
Silhouette print, Keep Calm Gallery, £15
Loop vase, Lifestyle Bazaar, £28
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5 Responses to "My Favourite Place… with the Keep Calm Gallery"

  1. Rebecca says:

    oooh I love this room, I'm a massive fan of mismatched frames, and I love the print over the fireplace, infact, I love it all!

  2. Yay for the Keep Calm Gallery. Truly awesome! I could buy everything they sell!

  3. very cool! I love the russian doll in the cloche! x

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