Hi honey, I’m home…

So I’m back home from my little break. How was my trip? Well, you’ll be soon able to read all about it in the lifestyle and travel section of City Am (one of the London papers, for my far flung readers who don’t know it) which will be publishing my review of the place shortly.

I have to say, after writing about the Moschino hotel, boy oh boy was this place I stayed in bland, despite all its five stars. It seems everyone with an interiors edge is getting hotel obsessed lately – I found out recently that Ideal Home magazine is revamping from the May issue onwards to include a “boutique hotel spy” section, showing how you can take inspiration from hip hotels to use at home.

It’s a fabulous style concept, of course, but who, apart from the characters in Gossip Girl, really wants to live in a hotel? I guess my point is that there’s no place like home, except at the moment I’m split between two of them (the family place in surburbia and my little London flat). Anyway, my London flat is looking a little bare of late, mainly because I’ve taken down four framed prints off my walls (not my coffee or eyechart ones though) because for some reason they just don’t really feel very “me” anymore. But it’s kind of strange that, in complete contrast, there’s a picture on my surburbia-bedroom wall that I’ve had for absolutely ages and wouldn’t dream of every taking down.

It’s a print of Les Papiers Qui Volent (flying sheets of paper) by Bernard Faucon (image from bernardfaucon.net). I can’t believe that I’ve had this on my wall for, oh, 15 years maybe, and have never taken the time to find out who Faucon was. All I know is that the teenage version of me who bought this print from a grungy little art shop near the Pompidou Centre while on a family holiday in Paris was drawn to this because it said something sort of wistful (backs turned to the camera, that faded summer light), and although I never really “got” what it was about, I’ve never really thought about ever taking it down the way I have with my other prints.

After having looked Faucon up online, I still don’t “get” if there’s a point to this image (does there have to be?) – but various pieces written about him online all pick up on it as being romantic and poetic and nostalgic. Most of his other work is pretty eery though: he used scary-looking plastic shop window mannequins for lots if not all of his photos; this one in particular sort of sends shivers down my spine while this one looks like some sort of manga still.

Flying papers wouldn’t be the stuff Keep Calm would sell, but it’s still cool if not beautiful (I don’t use that word very often) in a quiet, subtle sort of way (I’m impressed at my younger self’s taste back then) and while sometimes I will always be chopping and changing the pictures on my walls and the photos in my frames and moving furniture back and forth until it’s just so, other times there are some pieces that are just perfect, even if you don’t really know why. I’m not quite sure what that says about where my mind is at these days, but there you go. Photography for thought.

PS I love reading all the comments that get left on my posts, each and every one, but the very latest one, from someone super-cheered me up. Thank you for falling head over heels with HerLittlePlace.com. You inspired me to blog again after being all too tempted to stay under the duvet covers. Whoever you are, thank you.

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3 Responses to "Hi honey, I’m home…"

  1. Oh Huma! That is so wonderful and sweet!!!!!
    We all need a little tlc now and then!!! I am so glad I cheered you up! Can't wait to see your new posts!!!!

  2. I do that every now and then… come home and think that's just not right any more. Strange when it happens but it's a good opportunity to get something new!

    Love the photo – it looks like they've just had an argument and she's stormed out, chucking up the papers as she went.

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