First home in Brooklyn

Riding high off my Brooklyn dream (see my post on the street that I’ve already picked out to live in, if I ever had the chance to live in NYC), I’ve just discovered this beautiful first-pad in Brooklyn Heights.

This home belongs to Lauren, a recent graduate who has just started her first job as a beauty writer – and despite the meagre salary, she’s managed to do it up in style thanks to the help of her mum who worked with Martha Stewart for ten years. Lauren’s mother, Suzanne, helped Lauren do up her place in modern yet classic style, combining a little Ikea with little heirlooms; simple and unfussy and just the way I like it.

Lauren and Suzanne have a mother-daughter design blog, Good Bones Great Pieces, and you can read their full interview in Traditional Home magazine, and see more images over at Apartment Therapy.

(Above: Lauren’s lounge, via Apartment Therapy)

The loveseat is really classic, while the two little coffee tables, in that shade of grey we all covet, were apparently junk store finds – as was the yellow lamp base.

(Above: Lauren’s dressing table, via Apartment Therapy)
Another treasured find was this wooden table which Lauren uses as a dressing table – made a little more modern with the clear perspex seat. Apparently the table was found by Suzanne 20 years ago discarded on the street – she kept it for years as a writing table before handing it over to her daughter.

(Above: Lauren’s lounge, via Apartment Therapy)
Reading through the interview earlier, I couldn’t help but feel that we all first-home-lovers probably have a lot in common with Lauren; I love spending weekends browsing for bargain homeware with my mum too (we hit Homesense this Saturday and she helped me pick my vintage dresser as well as letting me occasionally pilfer silverware – thanks!) so clearly, mums are a good help with interiors in addition to everything else they do for us!
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5 Responses to "First home in Brooklyn"

  1. Elements says:

    Oh I wish I could have my 1st apartment back again…this reminds me of how cute everything seemed and when you put all your little finds together and get an apartment like that, you would have to be happy coming home.

  2. Huma says:

    I know! Although technically I'm very much still in that phase – I'm in my first “nest” and have loved every single second of putting it together. Except for painting the ceiling. That, I did not enjoy so much.

  3. Lisa-Marie says:

    All of the furniture and homewares we have are a mixture of thrifted stuff, gifts, and things passed on by family members. It makes our house cosy!

  4. What a great job the mother-daughter team did on that apartment! I would love to still have my first little nest. To draw back and write and paint. Unfortunately, it's a million miles away..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Athough Diana was too young to realize the difference, she still had many chances later. She would chose to leave when the marrige disappeared. But she didn’t want to over it. She still wanted to continue the title of “little black dresses” even the world knew they had no more feelings.

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