Wedding bells and invites

As usual, this blog post is preceded by an explanation as to why I’ve not blogged particularly of late. Many reasons, work, work, work but also small matter of an ahem engagement on the cards. (Cue card below from We heart Paper)

This is all very big news indeed and it is also now the perfect excuse to perouse one of my favourite things: typography on nice stationery. Yes, with not very long to go (less than four months until the big day), it is time to pick our wedding invites. Perhaps it is testament to my paper-design-stationery obsession that I started to look at invites before I contemplated dresses. Sadly, being on a budget and a big wedding at that too means all dreams of letterpressed bespoke designs are out the window (sigh) so I’m wasting my time wistfully browsing through the cards at Mika 78 or even Hello Lucky.

Still, before I give up on all dreams of simple, understated and pretty designs , I’ve been searching endlessly on Etsy and Invitation Crush for ideas, inspiration and statement monograms (having a bit of a thing for initials, now wearing both mine and his around my neck on my necklace). Loving these kind of invites that show a bit of character and aren’t just same old, same old; playful, casual with pretty fonts, the odd cute (but not sickly) little heart and vintagey playground styles… here’s some of my inspiration:

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8 Responses to "Wedding bells and invites"

  1. So totally with you on the agonising choice! My dress was organised in literally 15 minutes and I've spent the last 2 months obsessing over the stationery! I still have no clue what to go with…

  2. So sweet! It must be overwhelming to choose but at least you have lots and lots of options instead of none you like, right? :)


  3. Huma says:

    I wish! sadly all the best more unique stuff appears to be state side, and we'd end up having to pay a big proportion in delivery which suddenly makes it that much more expensive. if anyone has any good recommendations for the UK, please let me know! x

  4. Karen Cheung says:

    Hey Huma. I remember you were a dab hand in the art room at school – how about designing your own? Or ask me nicely and I'll do them for you. I did Helen's wedding invites and the bumf that went with them. Check out the ones I did for my wedding:

    (OK, they were very elaborate, with a hand drawn guest book, table plan etc., but I could do something simple if you like!) xx

  5. Sweet Freak says:

    First off, congratulations! I know it's bittersweet to see so many pretty things that you'll want to surround yourself with on your special day. But something tells me your wedding is going to be absolutely gorgeous no matter what!

  6. Huma says:

    Thank you all!

  7. Bromeliad says:

    Congratulations! How exciting for you.

  8. COngratulations and hope everything goes well, those invitaiton ideas look great, such a hard choice.

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