Ideal wedding cake

It’s my favourite cake. The first cake I ever learnt to bake and the cake I still turn to on rainy days and Sundays. All the more reason for the humble Victoria Sponge to be my wedding cake.


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  1. Good choice! We had Victoria sponge for our wedding cake too as I hate fruit cake and chocolate seemed too heavy. Don't listen if they say that there may be trouble with having more than one tier – we had 3 and it just involved using pillars in the middle of the cake. Yum!

  2. Huma says:

    you and I seem to keep having the same taste! okay, good tip on the tiers and pillars now just need to find someone who can make it

  3. Victoria sponge cake is my favourite too! Beautiful photos…x

  4. Gosh I am behind the times! Very belated congratulations Huma!!!

    These are beautiful! I made an un-iced four tier sponge wedding cake with jam and buttercream dressed with fresh flowers for a friend's country garden wedding and with good doweling it was structurally sound enough to be displayed outside in some pretty strong winds!

    I love decorating cakes but I have to say their is something so very pretty about the simplicity of a sponge cake without icing.

    Good luck with all the preparations!!!


  5. Huma says:

    thanks meg! how did you keep the 4 tiers strong?

  6. mayya says:

    I also want to make a tiered sponge cake but I am worried about the structure? Please could I have some advice??? please :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I am making a tiered sponge cake but I am worried about tin sizes – I am a bit of a novice, do you think 5″, 7″ and 9″ would be too small? Shall I also add an 11″ ? I heard that Victoria sponge dries out too quickly on the day. Should I do a madeira sponge instead?


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