Um, hello, I’m back

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I don’t really know where to start this post, seeing as I haven’t blogged since August 21st, which was nearly three months ago. For this I feel terrible, because there’s nothing worse than those blog posts that start “Gosh! Hello readers! Sorry I haven’t blogged for ages – been busy!” but in my case, I hope that at least my excuses (packing, getting married, moving flats, going on honeymoon, getting back into work) at least seem vaguely valid.

And so here it is: in the last three months, my life has changed on basically every level. It’s not been so much a whirlwind, but more a very ready change of direction. Her Little Place is now Someone Else’s Place, and my new home is Ours, so it’s out with the floral rugs and Eastenders and in with living a new life which isn’t just about me, but where someone special is always in it. It’s taking in the big three-0, growing up, growing together and enjoying it all. People ask me what it’s like: I tell them it’s calming, peaceful; our new life is quietly content. Being married is a good influence on me.

There’s a ton I could blog about over everything that has happened – the wedding eye-candy of invites, cakes (plural: try a ten-tier victoria sponge), flowers; the colour; the photos; the videos…but I can’t quite whittle this huge, mammoth day into just the details (sorry). Somehow, talking or blogging about my wedding cake doesn’t really give this turning point justice. Then again, I could always blog about the honeymoon, Rome-in-the-autumn, driving with the top down, our creamy, dreamy little boutique hideaway in Puglia, the pomegranate trees, the olive groves, the burnt orange sunsets… now that really was something.

And now there is real life, of what to make for dinner and settling into routines, and the bringing of families together round Sunday roasts, and work, trying always to write, battling with ideas that might make a sale vs ideas I’d simply like to write, hoping for ‘another’ big break and that next year will be as fruitful as this one.

So as the year really does come to a close – there’s not even that long to go, jeez, it’s December on Thursday – my thought for the day is this:

This time last year, nothing I had done this year – whether it was getting married or suddenly, totally randomly being pulled out of the blue to be on national radio every week – was expected, or predicted, or at least not by me. This year has proved to me that at every turn there is an opportunity, a new beginning, a promise that waits for you, and that when things are crappy, there’s always bound to be something better round the corner. That you must have faith, and faith brings everything to you. Face it; the cliches are true – beyond all the cheesiness, every cloud does have a silver lining, when life brings you lemons, you might as well make lemonades and everything really does happen for a reason. I’ll be blogging more in the new year (promise), maybe not always about what you’re normally used to finding here, but in the meantime, I leave you with this:

2011. Best. Year. Ever.

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6 Responses to "Um, hello, I’m back"

  1. rose says:

    You write so beautifully about your new chapter in life! Can't wait to read more like this. Glad to see you back on the blog, and congrats!

  2. Sweet Freak says:

    Best. Year. Ever. I love it! Congrats on a very exciting time… I can't wait to hear the details as your new life unfolds in the coming months…

  3. Congratulations! Such a feel good post. Wishing you an even better 2012!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love your closing paragraph – inspiration for all of us whose lives haven't yet quite worked out how we thought it would… x

  5. Anonymous says:

    Erm, from a gramatical p.o.v, not sure if the last four words count as a paragraph, if they do, i meant the penultimate one! Haha – hopefully you will know what I mean. Congratulations on your whirlwind year 😉

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