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It’s only been less than three months since I moved into my new home with R after our wedding but I’m quietly quite chuffed at how much we’ve managed to get done in that time to set up home. It’s always been really important to me to make a home that puts a smile on the face of whoever walks in the door (mostly that would be the two of us), somewhere that reflects our personalities and is just a place you really, really want to come back to. A while back, I interviewed Zoe from Conversation Pieces, for this Independent piece about setting up home as a couple, and she said she simply wanted to make a “happy home” – no style-conscious point, no being over precious. That’s how I feel about it too.
Anyway, regardless, in the real world there’s still a fair amount that needs to be done (The spare room is The Room That We Don’t Talk About, and there’s still a major curtain purchase we’re waiting on) but I am more than pleased with what we’ve done so far…

The first thing we did was put up shelves on either side of the window for my book collection which, yes, are organised by colour (ahem). The snuggler armchair was a total impulse purchase and totally unplanned (and unbudgeted for – ouch) but it’s turned out to be a favourite buy… the perfect home for my beloved owl (more owls coming: watch this space). The print above the snuggler only arrived today, but I fell in love with it when I found it on Bodie and Fou.

Next up is our feature wall (with the wallpaper we all know and love); the beautiful small oak dining table a generous wedding gift from one of my brothers. Another gift, this time from one of R’s brothers, is the vintage wooden railway waiting room sign hanging above our dining hatch. Both gifts were, er, tactfully suggested by me.

The hallway is our little gallery space – and I can’t live anywhere without a chalkboard door so here it is behind our front door. Since I work from home (my writer’s bureau is in the lounge, next to the snuggler armchair, but it’s messy and I don’t know what to put above it yet so no photos for now), I need all sorts of motivation so currently scribbled on the blackboard is this quote found on the Pinterest board of a lady called Judy who I happened to interview for this piece in the Independent today about working from home in style.

In the kitchen (oh to finally have a proper kitchen – my last one was basically a glorified cupboard) we have open shelves for bits and pieces we’ve collected along the way…

<span >

I’m terrified they’ll fall down if I put all my cookery books on them (um, they already have done so once), so those are lined up neatly against the work surface now.

The main bedroom walls are pretty bare for now, as I continue my quest for prints to hang above the bed and wait for our wedding photos to arrive, but we do have a feature wall with the Miss Print wallpaper (remember? In the end, we opted for duck egg blue).

I adore the slightly mismatched lampshades from Sasha And Elisabeth – we deliberately didn’t want anything too catalogue-perfect (a “look” I detest with a passion) so the bedside table lamps aren’t identical. I love the random red bird on this one (which happens to be on his side).

Our bathroom is done in shades of white, dark wood and duck egg blue – mostly because I loved the colours in Lisa Stickley’s bath range – and this is what greets you when you step out the shower.

So, so far, that’s it. I’ve ordered a few more prints, one from Etsy, one from Roddy & Ginger for the hallway “gallery” but am still musing for more – any suggestions?
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18 Responses to "New house updates"

  1. Naureen says:

    It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

    Looks fantastic Huma, Wish you all the best!

  2. Lisa Bachelor says:

    Just wait till you have kids, it will look a bit different then!!! Only joking. Looks fab and loving the Orla Kiely x

  3. Huma says:

    ha! no kids allowed to sit on that armchair.

  4. eversojuliet says:

    What a beautiful house! I am moving into my first “proper” house in April, and this is all great inspiration! x

  5. ellaella says:

    what a lovely place to live. you should consider interior styling, you appear to have the knack for it!

  6. Nerd Girl says:

    There's an exotic bird on the lamp! it's lovely and I truly 'heart' the flash of the acid 1950s green with the soothing duck-egg blue wallpaper. Nesting! xxxx

  7. Faye Likes To Craft says:

    Lovely photos, lovely home!

  8. Huma says:

    thank you all x

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I love that you jumped straight into nesting. it looks fantastic so far!x

  10. nq says:

    looks lovely Huma , lot of hard work put into making it so homely

  11. Rebecca says:

    wow, I love the colour in your home, expecially the orla kiely, and the little sofa! gorgeous.

  12. R.E.B says:

    It's looking lovely Huma-many things happened since we were there end of Nov. Can't wait to see your ideas for the 'Italian Job'!xx

  13. Bim says:

    Your home looks fab!
    I got a print from Neil Leonard – he has a shop on Big Cartel: (I have the Professor Farnsworth 'Pyjamas' one). He's ace.
    I also bought a Juno print from Claudia Varosio: (she's one of my internet 'secrets' – consider her my wedding gift to you). She does wonderful prints and runs an efficient and friendly shop. I hope to buy the Inglourious Basterds print next.

  14. Really love what you've done and really enjoyed looking slowly through your pictures at your bits and bobs. The new wallpaper looks brilliant, and you're so right about those lampshades!

  15. Oh Daizey says:

    this all looks so beautiful! can I ask where you found the london image and the pink one in the frames? thank you!

  16. Can't believe I missed this post somehow… loving your home Huma! It's a lovely happy space indeed… and that snuggler is perfect, love it :)

  17. Beth Price says:

    I love everything about your home and it all works so well together. Your shelves manage to look organised instead of cluttered, and your wall looks like an art gallery! You definitely have a great sense of style!

  18. Your house looks wonderful. Its colours and everything. Just great !!!

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