Searching for squashy comfy cushions

On our grey sofa, we have these cushions, which I haven’t had time to take a picture of so I shall describe instead. Hand embroidered flowers, in red and cream silk threads dotted with little mirrors in the threadwork at the centre of each one, they were passed down to me by my mum, who in turn had them from her mum. Actually, that’s a bit of a lie. They weren’t so much passed down to me as I spied something (a bit of mirror) in the airing cupboard, thought “Ooh, there’s something shiny”, stood on the edge of a shelf to reach for it, nearly broke the shelf, pulled the cushions out, made a mess of all the other linen in there, thought, yes, they looked nice and stuffed them in a bag to take them with me to London. Great tactic for stealing stuff from your mum’s house, works every time.

Anyway. The cushions are lovely, but they are old. Some of the small bits of mirror are falling out which as well as leaving gaps in the embroidery is also a potential health and safety issue for, er, small nephews and er, grown ups too. Every now and then, R will be sitting on the sofa, struggling to get comfy because a small shard of glass may or may not have inadvertently cut through his jeans. It makes me feel bad and so this lengthy preamble explains why I am currently spending my hard earned money and valued time doing something very important called cushion shopping.

Today I ordered this one from Roddy & GingerΒ although really it’s not to replace the existing cushions, but more to join the owl on the green snuggler armchair. Which wasn’t what I was looking for, but anyway.

but a pair of these would go very nicely, thank you, with our charcoal grey sofa…

I don’t have a bolster cushion but if I did, I’d love this print from ThirtyFive Flowers

This is awesome (and on sale!), but I know R will probably hate – one owl cushion is pushing it; an elephant called Elle would probably push him over the edge.

Although check out the rest in the range: Mr Franck the Fox! Aristo Katt! – I would gladly share the sofa with this lot

On a more grown up note (tis a living room, not a nursery. Not that we need a nursery. Just to make that clear), I do very much like Ferm Living’s geometric designs…

But perhaps not enough to spend nearly Β£56 on. Luckily, that same Etsy seller, ThirtyFive Flowers, has something similar for a lot, lot less, although she only has one of them and I suspect that now I’ve blogged it, it’ll sell out by the time I figure out which ones I want to buy.

I have long loved these (we have the bolster ones in the bedroom) but it’d be pretty boring if we had the same ones in one room as in the other too so that these rules out

While these are pretty gorgeous too

So anyway. That’s my shopping round up. Basically, to recap, I was meant to buy a pair of cushions for the grey sofa but ended up buying one cushion for the green one instead, which means I’ve failed miserably in my shopping task. Never mind! There’s always Franck the Fox!
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4 Responses to "Searching for squashy comfy cushions"

  1. Thankyou for featuring my cushions, the Elderflower print has now sold but I'm hoping to get some more in my shop over the weekend, and in different sizes too!
    I lust after a Roddy and Ginger cushion too :)

  2. trishie says:

    What gorgeous looking cushions! The first one with the building is my fav.

  3. virginia says:

    Hi Huma, glad the cushion arrived safely, and thank-you for featuring it here! v x

  4. mydecoreview says:

    I don't think cushions are best for inheritance:)On a more serious note I think the first two are best when used with White furniture. That can give more brightness to the work.

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