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When I went freelance and started working from home, I needed to set myself up with a work station for an incredibly small space. I spent ages looking for a desk that was the right proportions to fit, and ended up with a beautiful restored vintage writing bureau.

The bureau came with me to R’s when we moved in together, and it’s sat in the lounge ever since. But almost since I got it, there have been problems to be expected with old furniture (my desk dates back to the 1930s) – the wood is splintering, the top has come loose, the back of the pigeon holes fell off which means everyday I have to balance my laptop so they don’t jam down the back of the drawers. It looks pretty, sure, but it’s also not the best for everyday work.

I called a restorer round and it will cost a small fortune for it to be put right. That, plus the fact that we’re in the process of buying a new home (exciting news) in Crouch End, means it’s time to think again about creating a new work space.

I’d love a new, small desk and one that’s more modern – I think the bureau is slightly too girly now. I love the white-and-oak desk in this pic (via HomeShoppingSpy)

And I love the wooden desk in this picture (via HousetoHome):

Haus has some beautiful desks, albeit way past my price range (I love this one) and Made has this beauty too. I fell in love with this little desk from Muji – price wise and looks wise it’s fantastic. But it’s still 10cm too big for where I need it to go.

In our (fingers crossed) new home, there is an alcove in the kitchen which I’ve earmarked as my work area. I don’t want to work in the lounge, because I’d rather it remained a chill-out zone, and ditto for the bedrooms. The kitchen is big with a range cooker for warmth, room for an extra sofa and I can see us spending lots of time hanging out in there. Plus, it’s at the back of the house and opens up into the garden which I think would help make a really calm work room (at the moment, I work in the lounge at the front of the house where nosy neighbours always look through).

The alcove  is still tiny (70cm wide – which is why the Muji desk is a no-go) but it’s definitely got potential. I envisage up-to-the-ceiling shelves, sort of like this (via ApartmentTherapy):

It makes sense to maximise the space fully with a custom work-top as a desk, instead of buying a desk to slot in. This workspace, from WholeLottaLovely, is the most comparable to what I have in mind. The alcove is similarly compact, although I’m hoping to have a few more shelves for my tons of files of newspaper cuttings and stacks of notepads.

I’d like to have enough space for a lamp on the desk top, or perhaps a clamp lamp (like this one from Bodie & Fou). And it’s about time I invested in a proper work chair. It’s exciting planning for a new space again. Any further ideas?

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  1. katie says:

    I took forever to pick my new desk when we moved! I ended up with a top custom-cut to size from Unto This Last, on Ikea legs. I love that John Lewis desk in your first pic but it was over budget at ~£300. My chair was a bargain from (whisper) Tesco Direct but I actually love it and it’s very comfortable.

    Exciting for the new house, hope it all works out!

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