Long weekend in Rome

It looks like all I’ve been doing is taking one trip after another. That’s not untrue, but there are a few disclaimers, namely that a) I was working in between, and b) I’ve not given myself much time off for the whole year yet. One week’s holiday is never quite enough, so after our short trip to Cornwall, I went away for a four day trip to Rome. I went with my mum, just the two of us. She’s always wanted to go to Rome, so it was kind of special for us to go together.

I visited Rome for the first time last year with R and, honestly, we didn’t bother with a lot of the touristy things. This time though, we did *all* the touristy things. We queued for hours to see inside St Peter’s, trekked from the Vatican to the Colosseum; did the whole Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain thing.

On the only rainy day we had, we headed for ‘Akbar’, a truly extravagant Moghul exhibition taking place at the Museo Fondazione Roma, full of luscious Moghul jewels and art. Not very Roman, but still, a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. And then we window shopped – pointless fact, but Rome has a ridiculously huge Zara should you ever need to peruse.

We stayed in a little apartment less than 10 minutes away from the Vatican, called Roman Suite. It was my first AirBnB experience and a great one too – I’d definitely recommend it. Our flat was clean, prettily decorated (our host, Emma, is also a photographer and her prints decorate the walls) in greys and creams, and a very handy, very cleverly designed kitchenette with a fold-down kitchen sink. I took the sofa bed in the lounge, while my mum had the very pretty main room. The AirBnB pictures are way better than my photos turned down, so here’s a snapshot:

Emma did handy things like recommend restaurants, leave us croissants for breakfast and book us an early morning taxi for the airport. We ate pizzas and paninis and daily ice creams, and also picked up pasta and cheese and veg to cook dinner one night too from Castroni.

It felt quite special to spend time with my mum, something we don’t get to do that often on our own anymore. In the evenings, we’d load up Dvds on my laptop and munch on Italian biscuits and pastries. Very indulgent.

One last little holiday in December – Copenhagen beckons – but in the meantime, I’m back in London. House move coming shortly, watch this space!

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