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I am collecting all sorts of things that catch my eye over on Pinterest¬†ahead of the imminent arrival of our new little housemate. I seem to have a thing for open shelves, white walls and bright colours, which is nothing … Continue reading

The stop gap days are over, we are finally moved in and it’s starting to feel like home. We have painted, we have taken down units (hello, open shelves kitchen) and cleaned and organised and put up more shelves and … Continue reading


So very relevant, on so many levels. From here.


I love finding new quirky shopping sites, and Two Red Trees is currently one of my favourites. Ever since I got my owl print from them, I’ve been going back to browse and buy presents – I bought this cloud … Continue reading


Okay, I’ll admit it – I can be a bit of a shopping snob when it comes to interiors. I mean, DFS? Red leather sofas? White leather sofas, even? No. Not me. So, it’s unsurprising that I was a little … Continue reading