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I never really got the time to blog in huge detail about getting married last year. We got engaged in June and married in October and inbetween there was an awful lot of running around to get things organised – … Continue reading

On Sunday, Team GB’s Lizzie Armitstead cycled to silver-medal victory. At the same time, R & I were pedalling through the Cotswolds – not quite the same thing, I’ll admit. But my progress was hindered somewhat by getting caught in two hideously chilling downpours, … Continue reading


* I’ve not been on a bicycle for years. I once got a bike for my eighth birthday; it was perfect, lemon-yellow with a basket. I rode it for years but then, well, growing-up-awkwardness happened and the bike got dumped … Continue reading


(image above from Paper Michelle) I don’t really know where to start this post, seeing as I haven’t blogged since August 21st, which was nearly three months ago. For this I feel terrible, because there’s nothing worse than those blog … Continue reading

Anthropologie Acorn & Will Betsy White Bio Me Lifestyle Bloesem kids Bodie & Fou Bold and Noble Cavaliero Finn Cherry Gorgeous Colloco Cox & Cox Eco Age English Design Graham and Green Hello Lucky Keep Calm Gallery Lifestyle Bazaar Little … Continue reading